Thursday, 10 April 2014

Eyebrow Embroidery at Allure Beauty - 4 Years Later

As mentioned in my previous post, I have done eyebrow embroidery at Allure in year 2010. This was how it used to look after my session in 2010:
(My camera skills were bad then. Paiseh!)

and this was what my brows looked like 4 years later:

(Apart from better cameras, my skin condition is also so much better as compared to before!)
Without makeup. ^.^

As you can see, the basic shape has been maintained and it has faded to a really natural colour. And although it has faded a little, it is unlike eyebrow tattoo where they turn greenish blue over time. The embroidery just faded to a lighter brown than before. 

My first session as an ambassador for Allure has to of course be their signature - the Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery!

It is basically eyebrow embroidery designed based on the original shape of your brows, and it done using a stroke-by-stroke method, so the end result looks like the hairs of your brows (even if you don't have them!)

For those of you who needs to understand what is the difference between the eyebrow embroidery techniques used by Allure, here is a guide:
So as you can see, the basic one is a whole piece of eyebrow kinda thing which can be done in many places, whereas the creative, Allure Signature and Angelic use the stroke-by-stroke method which imitates how your individual eyebrow strands look. The price range of course, increases as the chart goes down. 

Of course the more natural, the better, but whichever one you decide to go for, I think eyebrow embroidery is great for girls who do not have eyebrows and want a no-fuss way to beautiful-looking brows. Imagine not having to bother about your brows as you do your makeup! No worrying about drawing unbalanced brows, and no rubbing off when you sweat it out in dance/hot yoga class or when you go swimming! Your brows are going to stay right there. Yay! 

I used to disturb my girlfriends by saying I'm going to rub their eyebrows off when we go swimming. It's hilarious when you see them panic. Hilarious for me, although I'm sure to them, it's not funny. Sorry gfs! I promise I won't do it again! 

I started out with a consultation with the Founder and Managing Director of Allure Beauty - Angela Tnee. 

I told her I wanted the hot favourite right now - Korean Eyebrows. She said not all face shapes can carry off the Korean eyebrow but luckily for me, I was a suitable candidate. She did however, say that she will still do a little arch for me as it's more natural, and I can draw my brows thicker and straighter to achieve the Korean Eyebrow look when I want to. 

After consultation, numbing cream was applied to my brows before anything was done. This was done to minimise any discomfort which might be felt during the actual embroidery. 

After the numbing cream was removed, she started by neatening my brows to get rid of stray strands. 

When that is done, she began to draw my brows according to how I requested and how she thinks is suitable for my face shape. 

This step will determine the actual shape of the brows to be embroidered, so you must be sure you are happy with the shape before you do the actual embroidery. Remember, do not go ahead with anything you are not comfortable with! They can still change the shape at this step, so take your time to decide. =)

Notice how even her drawing uses the stroke-by-stroke method?

This was the shape that we decided on. Apart from catering to your requests for specific eyebrow shapes, Allure Beauty uses the Golden Ratio as a reference as well.

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical term, and it is a special number found by dividing a line into 2 part so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part. 

Are you confused yet?

The Egyptian pyramids made use of the Golden Ratio in their construction. Leonardo Da Vinci used the Golden Ratio in many of his works, including the picture above, and Mona Lisa. 

Know this picture? 
Leonardo Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" is said to illustrate the Golden Ratio.

Studies have shown that when people view random faces, the ones deemed to be most attractive show Golden Ratio proportions between the width of the face and the width of the eyes, nose, and eyebrows. (Which is why so many deem Mona Lisa as beautiful.)

So by taking the Golden Ratio into consideration when designing your eyebrows, Allure Beauty ensures that your brow design will bring out your features in the best possible way. 

Okay now to the embroidery process.

What was drawn beforehand will not be rubbed off before the embroidery starts. The design stays on throughout the embroidery process so as to ensure that the eyebrow artist keeps to the shape of brows that you want. 

I'm terrified of dark brows as somehow they give me a very fierce and intense look (it's just my face), so I requested for Angela to do my brows a lighter colour.

 She mixed a nice shade of brown for me, and even then, I was a little concerned. I was told later that as time goes by, maybe like in a month, the colour will fade to a lighter one. Phew~

I could actually feel her "operating" on my brows, but it wasn't really painful. More of like a little stinging feeling, and only on some parts near my brow bone. I figured if you are someone who can't really take pain, ask for more numbing cream spread across a wider area. That should minimise any potential discomfort. 

Okay this looks painful, but it's really not. Plus, notice you can't see any blood at all? Eyebrow embroidery is done on the superficial layers of the skin so the colour won't go into or react with blood. The reaction is what causes tattoo to change to a bluish-greenish tint over time.

Allure Beauty takes hygiene and safety very seriously, and thus instead of sterilising blades, they always use a new blade for every customer. This ensures that there is no risk of contamination. The ink is always poured out and prepared before any work is started on a customer as well, so there is no double dipping, and the colour mixed for your brows is homogenous throughout. 

Final step - putting antiseptic lotion on the area she worked on.

Okay that wasn't the final step. She would then ask you to sit up, and she will assess your brows again. Because our skin sort of sags down a little when we lie down, it's more accurate to judge properly when we are upright. 

Angela then did the finishing touches.

And she was done in less than 30 minutes!!!!!!! The Ah Zor of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore indeed! Do however be prepared for a 30 - 45 minute session if your eyebrows are not done by hers truly. She has done thousands of brows in her lifetime. 

Speaking of which, don't be worried if your eyebrow artist is not Miss Angela Tnee herself. She personally trains each and every one of Allure's eyebrow artists in the strictest manner, and only after she has assessed and passed them will she allow them to work on actual customers. You are definitely in safe hands. (So, if you are keen to pick up eyebrow embroidery, she's the one to go to!) 

A soothing cream will then be applied onto your brow area to reduce the redness.

And this is the finished result!

Hahahaha OMG I look like some pak jiao alien here! LOL!!! #selfentertain

Okok here's a close up of each eyebrow:
See the individual strokes?

How do they look? 
They may look a little darkish for now, but it'll fade in a few weeks' time.

Okok they look a little scary under my DSLR lens. Here are pictures from my phone:

So nice!!!!!!

This is how my brows look 2 weeks later:

Natural much? Noticed the lines kind of softened? I did my makeup, but I did not draw my brows at all in this picture. =D

Because it fades, it is recommended that you go back after 4 weeks to see if any touch-up is required. And then you're done! Don't have to care about your brows for the next couple of years at least! (For me it was 4 years!) All you need to do is maybe pluck off the access hair that sticks out of the embroidered eyebrow shape. This is also one great thing about getting your eyebrows done, you don't ever have to worry about over plucking, or plucking the wrong shape. Just follow the "stencil"! ^,^

Thank you Angela and Allure Beauty!!!! You are THE BEST!

Oh btw, Allure Beauty is having a roadshow from 14-20 April at Tiong Bahru Plaza Atrium from 11am - 9pm. Do go down if you wish to find out more about eyebrow embroidery and the other services they provide! =D

Allure Beauty Singapore
Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-04A / Bukit Batok West Mall #04-10 / City Square Mall #03-29/30
6270 8845 / 6898 2242 / 6509 8859

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Allure Beauty's First Brand Ambasssador - Silver Ang

So shy. 

Oh my god how do I do this?


Ok, here goes...

Allure Beauty Singapore has turned 12 this year! AND she now has an ambassador! 
And it'!

(pardon me, I'm still learning to do full-body poses lololol!!!)

Allure Beauty has always been on the forefront of eyebrow embroidery, and may I say, they are one of the best. I did a review on their eyebrow embroidery back in 2010, and I've never had a problem with my eyebrows since. 

You see, although I've always been blessed with eyebrows (Don't laugh! Some girls have very very sparse eyebrows, the almost hairless kind.) I sometimes have a problem with over plucking/trimming, which can result in a totally different look (aka not flattering). The eyebrows make or break your face, this is so so true. 

Fast forward 4 years, and I am so very honoured to be their very first Ambassador! It's also my first endorsement, so I'm really excited to work with them! 

Angela Tnee, the founder and Managing Director of Allure Beauty, as well as the person who created the Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery. 

With 20 years of experience since she picked up eyebrow embroidery in Hong Kong, she's the very first person to introduce creative eyebrow embroidery using the stroke-by-stroke technique in Singapore. You can practically call her the forefather (foremother, if there's such a term) of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore.

All eyebrow artists in Allure are trained and tested personally by Miss Angela Tnee before she allows them to work on Allure's clients, so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands even if your brows are not done personally by the Ah Zor! ^.^

Will be showing you my new eyebrow embroidery session (which she did for me personally!) in my next post! =D

If you're confused, ATACHE is a brand of products they use for their treatments. =)

While Allure is most well-known for their creative eyebrow embroidery (will tell u guys more about the differences in my next write-up), they also provide services such as facials, as well as eyelash perming, eyelash extensions (check out miss Angela Tnee's lashes! So natural!!!), eyeliner embroidery (so you never have to fumble with eyeliners that smudge, ever again!), body treatments, as well as body slimming. You can find out more about their full range of services here.

I have no more excuses to look chui, ever again. Or at least while our partnership is in place! Lol! 

My very first treatment with Allure after 4 years, will of course be a redo of my eyebrows! The eyebrows seen in this picture has not been touched up, meaning this was from 4 years ago! You can still see it faintly, and though it has faded a little, it's still a nice brown instead of greenish which is what eyebrow tattoos leave behind after many years. I'm actually excited to show you the before and after already as I'm typing! 

Till next post!

Thank you Allure, I look forward to a wonderful year with you! 

Allure Beauty Singapore
Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-04A / Bukit Batok West Mall #04-10 / City Square Mall #03-29/30
6270 8845 / 6898 2242 / 6509 8859

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: Eversoft™ Organic Mulberry Facial Cleanser

New fave!!!!!! I was given the New EVERSOFT™ Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser to try a couple of weeks ago, and before I received it, I was like, okay, so what's another facial cleanser, right? 


Okay to begin with, I grew up with EVERSOFT™. I have fond memories of growing up in my grandparents' place and there would be a green signature tube of EVERSOFT™ facial cleanser for the whole family to use. I remember the first time I took it and used it, as a little kid. And I remember that I really liked it. It was the first facial wash I've ever used, my virgin cleanser, and here we are, once again reacquainted. ^.^

This time, instead of the usual squeeze tube, the packaging came in a pump bottle, and I love pump bottles! One - you don't have to pick up the usual tube, open the cap, then hold the tube and squeeze into another hand. So even if I have an injured hand wrapped in cast (CHOI!!!!) I could still wash my face. 

Then came the actual wash.

After that first wash with the EVERSOFT™ Organic Mulberry Liquid Facial Cleanser, I was blown away. Let me start with the smell - it smelt heavenly. I have never had a facial wash with a smell I liked this much. It's slightly fruity, kind of like mandarin oranges and grapefruit with a little bit of sweet. I have not smelt mulberries before so I'm not sure what they smell like, though I'm guessing it's this smell. Lol. It's refreshing without being too much.

This facial cleanser is infused with 100% organic mulberries, and mulberries are apparent really rich in anti-oxidants which means they are effective for anti-aging! They are also rich in vitamin C which works wonders if you're looking for a whitening products. They also help to clear out dark spots and blemishes so this is great if you have acne-prone skin or troubled skin!

Then came the texture - it felt like any other pump-bottle wash, but when it went onto my face...holy cow!!! Okay I might have been a bit dramatic, but it felt really hydrating! Maybe the smell added on to the heavenly factor, but that one minute might have been the best wash of my life. No facial cleanser has made me so reactive before. Lol.

After washing, my skin actually felt really clean and hydrated, and I felt it looked brighter. I could actually go about doing other things for quite a while without feeling like I need to moisturize now now now now now. Usually after a wash my face feels so tight it feels like someone is stretching my skin. Not for this one. 

It could be due to the fact that it uses a gentle and soap-free formula (many soaps dry out your skin), and it is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid which preserves long-lasting hydration to continuously feed the skin with long-lasting hydration, so your skin remains toing-toing for longer. 

It's got whitening and hydration benefits, deep cleanses without stripping your skin off its natural protective layer, and it's infused with 100% organic plant actives to improve skin texture. What's not to like?

This is great for those of you lazy to moisturize after you wash your face, though of course, a good moisturizer should always follow for better results. =)

Retailing at $9.90 for a 150ml bottle, I think it's really affordable for what you're getting.

There is also the evergreen EVERSOFT™Organic facial cleansing series which comes in 5 other variants (100ml) and a facial scrub (100ml) to cater to different skin types and needs. The other facial cleansers retail for $4.75 for 100ml and the scrub is $6.95, and they are all available at leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. =D

Here's a closer look at the other different cleansers and scrub.

Because different people have skin with different needs, each cleanser works in its own way to target your particular skin concern. Here's a little guide -

  • Organic Rice Milk and Honey: Double Moisturising, for Sensitive/Dry Skin
  • Organic Gingko with Grapefruit: For Oily Skin and Acne Control
  • Organic Avocado: For Deep Nourishing / Anti-Aging
  • Organic Pomegranate & Mulberry: For Whitening & Brightening of Facial Complexion
  • Organic Tomato & Cucumber: For Pore Minimising
  • Organic Apricot: For Blackhead Clearing

For those in their teens or with oily skin, I recommend the Organic Gingko with Grapefruit variant, as well as the Organic Tomato & Cucumber for Pore Minimising. For people whose skin generally have no issues, the Deep Nourishing one and the Whitening Action one should do the trick. Else, just take the Mulberry cleanser in the pump bottle which I am hopelessly in love with at the moment.

I think other facial washes are going to have difficulty getting me to switch for a while. \^.^/

Also, it's good to do a facial scrub once a week to clear any clogged pores of sebum buildup. Or worse, remnants of makeup which weren't removed properly. *horrors!!!*

Skin regenerates every 28 days, which means that once a month, new skin will grow, and the old skin on the surface layer dies. This may cause your skin to look dull and sad, so using a facial scrub is necessary to help your skin rid itself of the dead layer, so you reveal the underlying brighter skin.

Just for my dearest readers!!!!! 

That's you! ^.^ You get to try my favourite cleanser as well!

I have 100 samples of 50ml travel-sized EVERSOFT™ Organic Mulberry Facial Cleanser to giveaway!

Simply click on this link, key in Promo Code: Silver, and fill in your particulars. The first 100 readers will get a sample of the cleanser mailed to you! Easy or what? 

I highly recommend you get it. Like now. Redemption is only until 31st March, or while stocks last, whichever is earlier. So HURRY!!! Get your sample here now!

Warning: In case of Addiction, you shall not hold me responsible. ^.^

Monday, 17 March 2014

Goodbye, KAP

King Albert Park, or McDonald's House, or more affectionately known to me as KAP, is gone. Forever. As of 16 March 2014, 23:59.

Sure, you can argue that a new KAP and this KAP Residences (as shown) will take over (why oh why???), but nothing can replace the KAP (pronounced Kay Ay Pee) that has taken a special place in my heart ever since I was introduced to it in 1998. 

It's 16 years of acquaintance. I practically grew up with you. 

You were there even before this thing known as social media came about. And I never knew you had a Facebook Page till today. (Of course I liked it. Duh.) 

I remember the first time my NYGH classmates suggested going to KAP. I was like "Huh? What's that?" Well, you see, I was from a neighbourhood primary school in Bt Batok, and knew not much about the going-ons and where's-what in District 10. Sure, family drives have taken me past this famous McDonald's building before, but no one introduced it to me as KAP. Until high school.

Ever since then, KAP has been one of my fave haunts throughout my Nanyang years, amongst Coronation Plaza and Serene Centre. It's the only one (out of the 3) along the way home, so every bus I take on my way home will get me there. And because of that, sudden cravings and friends jio-ing (as well as after every combined Sports' meet with Chinese High) will have me getting off at the KAP bus stop even when I had no intention of doing so upon boarding. 

In those days, a random trip to KAP McDonald's will ensure a bumping into of people I know. Namely from Nanyang Girls and Chinese High, and then later from Hwachong. And that's a really nice feeling, like it's a little village community hangout, and you can basically table-hop to say hi and talk to different friends. 

I miss that.

I remember staying at the hostel during the exam period when I was in Sec 4. I practically mugged every day with some of my friends on the second floor. The whole day. I would go with a few friends, and attempt tonnes of TYS questions as a huge group. 

I even remember a Maths paper passed to me from a friend's friend's friend from Chinese High at another table asking me to solve a question (I was then pretty good with both my maths). I was like "Eh whose is this? Why pass to me?" "Dunno la, someone passed over. Help solve leh." "Huh, okok I try." 

And if I had a problem with some of my other subjects I would ask around too. Cos someone is BOUND to know. (Cos we're all cool nerds and muggers and everyone is from an apparent "good school" so there had to be someone good at the subject.) Else, we'd all discuss together.

Such is the "study community" amongst the schools along the stretch.

Often, after a few hours of studying and information overload, the Cold Storage downstairs would be where I'd go for walks to clear my head. (The late night Cold Storage shopping didn't stop even as I got older.)

I also remember meeting my Sweet 16 sweetheart there, and thinking this guy would never look at me. I had body image issues, and this was a tall, dark, Water Polo hunk. He was a friend's god brother (back in the days when god sisters and god brothers were so in), and we didn't speak much when we were first introduced, though he did ask for my pager number which I thought nothing of giving away since I was sure he was just asking to be nice. So I got a really pleasant surprise when he paged me and asked me to hang out. (Yes, page. I used a pager in those days. I didn't have a hp until after I got my O'level results.)

Then I grew older and started driving. That was my favourite drive-thru station, and so many of my eat-alone meals were settled at this particular drive-thru. Here's my last one, taken a week ago.

Then there was the super intense Hello Kitty craze that had people queueing overnight and around the building for the kitties. That was madness, and I remember wondering why so many people would do this for a soft toy which they can't eat. Lol.

I became a blogger later on. By then KAP had already gone through a revamp, and had lost the kids' party corner. Because I no longer fit in upstairs where almost everyone knows everyone else (cos they're all in school and that's what's amazing about school days - you have the best network), I have a place at the hidden corner below the staircase where I bring my laptop to work on. If I'm not there I'm at the corner upstairs between the 2nd floor entrance and the washrooms. 

And I remember special people visiting me on some days when I work. ^.^

All these will always remain as memories, long after the building has been demolished and the new KAP and KAP Residences developed. For so many generations of students, from NYGH, TCHS, MGS, St Margaret's, SCGS, Hwachong, NJC, NP, and so have served us well.

This was my last visit to the 23-year-old establishment. I regret to say that it was just a drive-thru. But I remember the last few visits very well. *reminiscing*

And this marks my meal from the McDonald's House / KAP we remember so well.

Thank you, KAP, for the sweet and delicious memories, which I'll always smile back upon.